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About the Judas Kiss 

Since the demise of the Judas kiss magazine and the move completely on the web we are now able to expand on the plethora of musical styles we are able to cover. 

This means that along with the neo-folk, dark ambient, neo-classical, martial, power electronics, death industrial, noise and post industrial genres the Judas Kiss has become know for, we are now able to cover a whole spectrum of other styles and tastes including (but not exclusively): 

Post rock
(I hate this tag but I suppose it’s now its own genre – think Godspeed you Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, Mono etc etc)
avant garde/avant rock
Alt. country/Americana
Modern folk
Horror punk/death rock (yes I know but I love the stuff) 

The range is music we can now cover is huge - as a guide check out the bands listed to the left for the eclectic and far reaching styles and genres we are interested in. 

From Godspeed you Black Emperor to Joanna Newsom, Current 93 to 65 days of static, Mono to Of the Wand and the Moon and from Johnny Cash to Efterklang, the Judas Kiss can now truly explore the boundaries of modern music and beyond.


The Judas Kiss is dead long live the Judas Kiss

It is with regret that as from the 03/06/06 the decision has been made to cease the printed version of the Judas Kiss magazine. This was a very hard decision to make and was done so for a number of reasons - for more information on this please see the Judas Kiss website.

Thank you one and all.
The Judas kiss magazine (printed) has now left the building..


However this is by no means the end of the Judas Kiss in fact its just the start of a new chapter.

As you may already know our website has recently had a huge update of new reviews and another one is planned any day now. Aside from this there will be new interviews included here as well.

Work is also well underway on a brand new Judas Kiss website this is currently being worked on in the back ground and as soon as its full developed will be launched.

All of this means that new reviews and interviews will be made available a lot quicker then was possible the printed magazine. It also means more people will be able to read them which in turn will benefit the artists and labels concerned.

Lee - Judas Kiss Editor

About the Judas Kiss magazine, as was

The Judas Kiss magazine was one of the leading small print journals that captured the very essence of the post-industrial scene through the written medium.

Focusing primarily but not exclusively on musical aspects of this genre, including such styles as neo-folk, martial/military, neo-classical, noise, dark ambient, power electronics and all that falls in between. Through in-depth, yet delectably readable interviews and articles, the Judas Kiss strives to delve into the very souls of these artists/bands to unearth how and why they produce the powerful and stimulating music they record.

Also included within the pages of the Judas Kiss are a splattering of articles that deal with the more esoteric spectrum of subjects, which have over the years become part and parcel of the post-industrial scene. In previous issues these have taken the shape of both interviews and articles that have focussed Satanism, Fetishism, Piercing (both body adornment and ritualistic), Japanese rope Bondage, Odinism, Fascism and its relationship to the post-industrial scene, Female domination, cults and extreme literature.


Judas Kiss magazine
PO Box 44

click to access the Judas Kiss website

the Judas Kiss Myspace page can be found here

The Judas Kiss has just released its first compilation entitled 'Past, present and Forever' via Kaosthetik

1-Spiritual Front Singing Sodomy*
2-Stimulus Blow the Moon and His Fool*
3-Coph Nia Lord of the Air -vocal*
4-Of the Wand and the Moon Gal Anda (version)*
5-Blood Axis Reign I Forever
6-Midnight Syndicate Ride to Destiny
7-As All Die Love Lorn*
8-Allerseelen Trumlied
9-Von Thronstahl Lawrence of Arabia*
10-Days of the Trumpet Call - Rendezvous*
11-The Caretaker 'Well Go Riding On A Rainbow*
12-Project Fahr Swollen*
13-Caithness Solesmess Echoes'*

* indicates exclusive track or remix

 Entitled the Judas Kiss presents Past, Present and Forever the compilation contains 13 tracks of the very best in neo-folk, martial,
neo-classical, dark ambient and industrial music from a stunning array of artists and groups.

Released on the French label Kaosthetik  the compilation is on CD format and comes in an edition of limited at 420
copies which is housed in a beautiful triptique 7 EP cover'.

The CD is available from those wonderful people at Kaosthetik as well all good industrial music mail-order
companies, worldwide.

All whole-sale queries should be directed to info@kaosthetik.com

More information on Past, Present and Forever can be found at Kaosthetik, which also features a number of samples from the compilation and the Judas kiss magazine


the Judas Kiss also has a 'Live Journal Community' which can be found here - this can used for posts by members, which fall under the wide spectrum of music and topics covered within the Judas Kiss


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